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Client: The Randolph Hill Group of Nursing Care Homes Date: February 21, 2013

The Randolph Hill Group successfully operate six nursing care homes in the East Central belt of Scotland, accommodating up to 360 residents and employing 500 staff.  The company directors were keen to consolidate success and develop the company further, building on its strengths and perceived opportunities in the market.

The directors commissioned Business Pointer identify how to build the brand into a premier brand, with a higher recognition in the market, thus potentially capturing more high net worth individuals paying privately. This required an evaluation of the current market position of the company and assessment of how growth could be generated through branding, marketing and business development. Part of the research process included talking to families and residents to understand their experience and perceptions of the Group and the individual homes.

Outcomes of the Branding, Marketing and Business Development Plan include strengthening the Randolph Hill Group brand and brand values to underpin sales; stronger contemporary marketing materials; revitalise and upgrade the web site to use it as a stronger tool; coaching and support to care home managers and key staff to help them sell; reinforce the role and position of each home within its local community.