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How We Work


We are very fortunate, in that we are mostly recommended for the work which we do, ‘where one satisfied client leads to another’ is our philosophy.

We invest our time to meet clients, we come prepared, we listen carefully, we explore key issues, we use our knowledge and experience to gain an understanding of the makeup of the business, we test for signs of stress, we check out life and work balance, we work very hard to gain some immediate traction and insight, and we use this to give reassurance and confidence to our potential and existing clients – in fact, we believe this is the start of the journey to ‘truly get to know your business’

We will identify where the challenges lie in your business, and we will fit those needs around our product and people portfolio – if it is a changing market and you have the need to re-think your brand, we would use our brand Pointer process to deliver to the brief, or if you have a distinct sales issue, we would use our Sales Pointer process to uncover the potential.

Your first meeting with Business Pointer will be with Susan Ireland, and is generally an informal chat over a cup of coffee to meet each other,  listen and hear about your business and your challenges. From this hour or so, Sue generally is able to nail where the hot spots in the business are, and will leave with a pretty clear understanding of how the business pointer team would work with you and your business.

A proven process

  • Strategy and Communication
  • Where are We Now?
  • Where are We Going?
  • How Are we going to get there?
  • Market Segmentation and Targeting
  • Competition and Cooperation
  • Writing the Strategy

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