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Sales Pointer

Sales is an art and a science, it requires a combination of the art of conversation with a scientifically rigorous approach to planning.

Sales Pointer will bring art and science together to stimulate and create winning sales strategies, coach your team, deliver presentation and negotiation skills to enhance performance.

The Sales Pointer Process

Our process starts with understanding both the product and the target market of the product. Segmenting the target market to develop characteristics which we will use in constructing tailor made sales plans.

We will agree  the objectives,  we listen very closely to you, we observe, we use our experience to absorb situations quickly, and we explore the key challenges, whether they be, spiraling sales and how to manage growth, or declining sales, and how to re-dress and invigorate.

From one initial meeting, we will respond quickly with a plan on how we can work with you and engage with your business to improve performance in a planned and a timed way.

We can give you endless testimonials of where and how our Sales Pointer teams have been successful, and where they have left positive legacies within businesses.

The Sales Pointer process is inspirational to all of those participating.