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Client: Compugraphics Date: February 21, 2013 Category:

Glenrothes based Compugraphics is part of the international OM Group and has for over 40 years contributed to Scotland’s reputation as a key manufacturer and manufacturing partner for the electronics industry with bespoke photomask solutions. Brian Young, the GM was appointed in 2011 to develop and enhance the Compugraphics brand proposition and increase turnover and profitability within the year.. The challenges faced by Compugraphics were increased global and price competition, contracting market, price erosion and from an internal perspective, how best to enhance the customer experience through the integration of marketing, sales and technical teams.

Business Pointer review, analysis and action planning focused around:

  • Independent overview of the customers’ perceptions of the company, its products and customer service, with a particular emphasis on the importance of the existing sales and technical processes with them
  • Complementing the strategy of cost control and lean manufacture by reviewing the value proposition, and thus the basis for price negotiation
  • Looking at the marketing focus, sales processes, customer account management and yield factors to facilitate management and monitoring of sales and profitability
  • Skills development linked to sales and account management performance, to ensure pragmatic, commercially positive results
  • Reorganisation of the marketing/sales and technical teams to enhance customer communications, negotiations and care

“Sue and her team were a real buzz to work with – energetic and insightful. We came out of the project with renewed confidence in our value proposition. We also made significant changes to the organisation to better align to our strategic objectives.”

Brian Young
VP Business Development & GM