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Finance Pointer

In many businesses Finance is something that happens at the end of everything else to measure what has been done. With Finance Pointer we turn this round by helping you build a financial model early in the process that allows you to identify the key actions you need to take to make your business as successful as you want it to be and monitor progress towards your strategic objectives.

The Finance Pointer Process

Financial Direction – at the heart of Finance Pointer is the creation of a financial model for your business that allows you and your senior managers to look at various financial scenarios for the business and choose the strategic direction and set strategic objectives that are right for you and the business.

Financial Planning

– once a clear direction has been chosen we will help you build a robust financial plan that identifies the key actions to be taken, by when and by whom to set out the route to achieving the strategic objectives.

Financial Management

– It’s great to have a plan but businesses also need to monitor progress towards their strategic financial objectives and take corrective action where necessary. Finance Pointer will help you identify and repair potential gaps in your financial management systems to allow you to do this. We tailor the ongoing support you need to do this by making sure you get the help you need from us when you need it to keep the business on track to achieve the strategic financial objectives.

Financial Coaching

– A key part of what we do is to help you and your senior managers increase and improve the level of financial knowledge and understanding you have. We won’t turn you in to an accountant, you’ll be glad to know, but you will be able to communicate more effectively with them and any other business partners that expect you to have an excellent grasp of the finances in your business.


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