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Brand Pointer

What is a Brand?

  • Your brand is about how people feel about you when they walk in the door.
  • It’s about the impression someone gets when they land on your home page.
  • It’s about the feeling clients have when they come out of a meeting with you.
  • It can even be about the coffee.

We apply years of experience, in-depth consumer understanding, and we apply insightful creativity to produce brand stars and to develop existing brands into market forces.

We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve dynamic growth. Brand Pointer delivers success by understanding audience behaviour, identifying their needs and defining compelling strategies to engage them with your brand.

How we get to your Brand Essence…



Brand Pointer Process

Our Process starts with preliminary research on your brand in the marketplace and we use this knowledge in a brand workshop which explores the characteristics of your brand, your brand value and your brand personality.

This gives us the base foundation to write a marketing and creative plan for your brand.

Brand Workshop Process


Brand Development Process