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Varry McMenemy - Managing Director, Varry McMenemy Associates

Sue is a consummate professional in every regard and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her as a top notch consultant.

She has a detailed knowledge of her subject matter, phenomenal experience and a real gift for identifying where connections and business opportunities lie. Sue has the ability to grasp rapidly the challenges facing her clients and to expertly work with them to develop strategies with which they can move forward efficiently and effectively. She certainly doesn’t take any prisoners, but it is that pragmatic, no nonsense approach that works wonders for your business!

Sue operates with the utmost integrity and is undoubtedly an asset to any organisation that engages her.

Alan Somerville - CEO, Scottish Autism

Sue Ireland facilitated a number of brand workshops around our organisation to determining brand values, messaging and key target audiences with a view to modernising our identity, enhancing our visibility and actively promoting our services in the public domain for the first time.

Sue skilfully steered some very nervous colleagues and trustees through a process of considering possible new brand identities, consulting widely among staff, senior management and the Board of Trustees, and incorporating a number of constructive variations suggested by staff along the way. This process eventually resulted in our changing from The Scottish Society for Autism, to simply Scottish Autism and adopting a new much cleaner and modern corporate identity. Competition for funds, the need for increased awareness and the overriding requirement for clarity in our communications necessitated this change, although it was imperative that we remained committed to our long standing values and beliefs.

Now, a year on from the launch of our new identity, there is almost universal approval among staff, stakeholders and customers that we have transferred our long standing principles to the new brand, and that the organisation has emerged greatly strengthened by the whole experience.

I would strongly recommend Sue and her team to anyone contemplating such as review of their brand identity.